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Beyond ROI: Enterprise Payback - K20.pdf

CRM Secrets of TCO and ROI - K30.pdf

How to Budget for Enterprise Software - K90.pdf

Indirect Benefits: The Invisible ROI Drivers - K100.pdf

Managing Risk and Flexibility: Alook at Payback Period - K170.pdf

Manifesto: Separating ROI Fact from Fiction - K240.pdf

Measuring Return on Investment Quick Reference Guide - K220.pdf

ROI on Management Systems - K210.pdf

Software-as-a-Service; A Comprehensive Look at the Total Cost of Ownership of Software Applications - K230.pdf

The Enterprise Application Value Imperative: How to Gain Continuous (and Measurable) Business Benefit - K180.pdf

The Real ROI from Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta - K200.pdf

The Srengths and Weaknesses of Total Cost of Ownership - K260.pdf

The Total Cost of ERP Ownership (Aberdeen) - K10.pdf

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